Conversational Spanish, Book 2- BR804


Conversational Spanish Book 2 is great for anyone wanting to learn the Spanish language! This is the final book in the 2 part series. Stories are built around a family trying to learn Spanish alongside a Spanish-speaking parrot. The book has exercises, puzzles, songs, and a review to keep students motivated to learn Spanish. This is an 8.5" x 11" Hayes workbook that is 64 pages long.


Conversational Spanish Book 2 is the second in a two-part series. Stories are built around an American family's efforts to learn Spanish in association with a Spanish-speaking parrot named Perico. Exercises, puzzles, songs, and review abound to keep students at a high level of motivation. Amusing incidents occur as the American family orders food, stops at a motel, eats on the roadside, and goes to a Mexican market. Great for the classroom and home. 

• Answer key included.
• 8.5" x 11" Hayes Workbook
• 64 Pages

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