Good Conduct Certificates & Reward Seals - VA803, 30 8.5" x 11" Certificates, 160 Seals


Good Conduct Certificates and Reward Seals are a great way to reward students for their exemplary behavior. They work great as classroom incentives. Stick-to-it Certificates are a great way for students to take pride in their achievements as they work towards filling up their certificate with seals. These beautifully designed Hayes certificates are printed in full color on high quality paper. The student certificates can be personalized with our downloadable template. They can be printed or handwritten. Certificates are inkjet and laser printer friendly. Pack includes 30 8.5" x 11" certificates, 160 reward seals, and an instructor guide.


Recognize your student's academic success with Hayes' Good Conduct Stick-to-it Certificates!

Motivate students as they watch their accomplishments grow every time they add reward stickers to their certificates. This positive effort is sure to lead to even greater success. Stick-to-it Certificates are perfect for displaying in the classroom and for positive communication from school to home. Students will take great pride and more independence in their achievements as they strive to fill up their certificates and completed certificates serve as a reminder of their accomplishments. Students will "stick to" their goals with Hayes Stick-to-It Certificates! Great student incentives.

• Downloadable template available
• Includes 30 8.5" x 11" Reward Certificates, 160 Reward Seals and an Instructor's Guide
• Eco-friendly
• Inkjet and laser printer friendly certificates
• High quality matte certificates

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