Art Deco Set, Maroon - Entire Set

Art Deco Maroon Border Paper, Folders and Seals Set - VA439

Graduation Pack Black - Entire Set

Graduation Diploma Pack, Black - VA441, 30 Diplomas, Folders, and Gold Seals

Graduation Diploma Pack, Blue - VA440, 30 Diplomas, 30 Folders, 30 Gold Foil Seals


Graduation Diploma Pack is an all-in-one set that can make preparing for graduation easy. The set includes 30 blue and gold diplomas, 30 blue folders, and 30 gold foil seals. The diplomas can be either handwritten or printed with our online template.


Graduation Diploma Pack includes beautifully decorated blue and gold general use diplomas, folders, and gold foil seals. Create a graduation keepsake for years to come with this all in one set! These diplomas can be handwritten or printed with our online template! Make student's graduation even more special by adding the gold seals and present the diplomas in a matching folder!

• 30 diplomas 8.5" x 11"
• 30 matching color 10" x 13" folders
• 30 gold foil plain seals
• Matte Blue Folders
• High quality matte diplomas

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